Questions to Ponder for David Crockett by Michael Wallis

1. Is there a connection between all the traveling Crockett did as a young man and his inability to stay home and restlessness as an adult?

2. What are the differences and similarities between David and his father?

3. What are the differences between David’s life and his wives? How did the one affect the other?

4. How close did he come to becoming President of the US? What kind of President do you think he would have been?

5. Discuss the Land of the Shakes.

6. What ways was Crockett’s final move to Texas unexpected, especially the way it ended?

7. Which of the stories about Crockett’s adventures in the wilderness were the most surprising and interesting to you?

8. Did the book, in your opinion, succeed in conveying why Crockett was fascinating to so many people for so long?


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