Timeline for Events presented in “Empire of Summer Moon” by S. C. Gwynne

1598 Horses arrive in North America
1700 All TX plain tribes using horses
1720s Spain/Comanche Wars begin (p. 61)
1724 Comanche vanquish Apache from southern plains (p. 57)
1757 Spanish Missions attempted for Apache (p. 64)
1803 Louisiana Purchase (p. 40)
1820 Mexico encourages Americans to settle TX to act as buffer to Comanches (p. 25)
1823 Parker clan moves from IL to TX (s. 13)
1830 Indian Removal Act (p. 209)
1835 TX population at 40,000
Battle of Alamo
1836 Republic of TX – Battle of San Jacint (p. 13)
Cynthia Ann Parker and others kidnapped by Comanches (p. 8)
1837 Parkers refer to “Rangers” for 1st time in legislature (p. 135)
1838 Colt Rifle introduced
1839 Rachel Parker Plummer publishes memoir of captivity (p. 36)
1844 Battle of Walker’s Creek – Hays uses Colt revolvers
1845 US Annexation of TX
1847 Walker Colt Pistol created (p. 50)
1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalog – SW taken from Mexico – adds 1.6 million sq miles to US – AZ,CA, UT, NM, NV
Quanah born in area of SW Oklahoma
1858 Battle of Antelope Hills (p. 169) Texans not army fight against Comanches
1860 Peta Nocana raids TX – Martha Sherman brutalized (p. 157)
TX population at 600,000
               Dec. Cynthia Ann Parker (Nautdah) rescued/captured with daughter Prairie Flower. Peta Nocana kllled, sons escape (Quanah and Peanuts)
1861 Civil War Begins, US withdrew troops from Indian Territory
US replaces Rangers with ineffective army, treaties fail (p. 161)
1864 Due to violet Indian attacks, huge stretches of land depopulate (p. 212) – Kit Carson  – Howitzers (p. 214)
Lincoln re-elected, Sherman burned Atlanta
1865 End of Civil War (p. 222)
1868 – 81 31 million buffalo sold for fertilizer (p. 260)
1869 Transcontinental Railroad completed
1870 Cynthia Ann Parker dies of influenza
1871 MacKenzie/ Quanah
1874 Quanah with Isatai attack on trading post of buffalo hunters at Adobe Walls(p. 268)
3000 Comanches left in world (p; 274)
Red River War (1000> horses shot) (p. 282)
1875 June Quanah surrenders to Mackenzie (p. 289)
1876 Custard’s Last Stand
1878 March Failed Buffalo Hunt – Goodnight’s canyon (p. 294)
1884 Quanah wins right to lease cattle (p. 299)
1889 Ranald Slidell Mackenzie dies in NY hospital
1890 Quanah’s 10 room, 2 story house completed (p. 302)
1905 Quanah rides with Teddy Roosevelt’s at the inaugural parade (p. 312)
1911 Feb 23 Quanah dies (p. 318)

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