Linda offers several Reading Choices by or about Pearl Buck

By Pearl Buck:

The Good Earth (her Pulitzer Prize winner/historical novel about Chinese peasant life, turn of the twentieth century)

My Several Worlds (her autobiography)

The Fighting Angel (biography of her missionary father)

The Exile (biography of her missionary mother)

The Child Who Never Grew (about her severely mentally handicapped daughter)

The Townsman – under the pseudonym John Sedges (She wrote several historical novels about turn of the century Kansas under this name, to prove her worth to the literary community at the time.)

There are, of course, many other novels about China.  The Good Earth is actually a trilogy.  The second is Sons; the third is A House Divided.

About Pearl Buck:

Pearl S. Buck:  A Cultural Biography – Peter Conn

A Woman in Conflict – Nora Stirling

Pearl Buck in China – Hilary Spurling

Pearl of China – Anchee Min (this is actually historical fiction, but follows Pearl Buck’s life growing up in China very closely)

Just some ideas.  Feel free to choose anything you’d like.  Many of these books are out of print, but are available on Amazon.  Linda also has some, and is happy to lend them.


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