Roger’s Wine Corner: Sparkling Wines

February’s wine tasting was lite on information and full of fun.  The purpose was to compare a sparkling wine that most people would never try – a Chenin Blanc from Vouvray, France (Loire Valley) – to a traditional sparkling wine from California that most are familiar with – Korbel.  The French sparkler was a “Chairman’s Selection” and the release price was $35 on sale for $18.  The Korbel retails from $13 – $15.  So… the basic education was – do you like it better (the Chenin Blanc sparkler) than the traditional California sparkler?  The majority of readers\pseudo wine connoisseurs preferred the French offering.  I, needing to find fault with the majority opinion so that I can maintain my self-given title of Lines and Wines Beverage Director, found it to; smell terrible; taste like sparkling Boones Farm and linger like a bad dream.

Next month: Can you say cheese?


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