Discussion Points for Frederic Morton’s: A Nervous Splendor: Vienna 1888/1889

1. Explore the similarities and differences between the Crown Prince Rudolf and the several ingenious young men of Vienna who were his contemporaries. Why was Rudolf’s situation more difficult? They were all frustrated in 1888 but they achieved success ultimately. Could Rudolf have, if he hadn’t died?

2. Why were there so many suicides in Vienna at this time particularly among the bourgeois? (64)

3. Discuss the relationship between Rudolf and Wilhelm (102-112)

4. Discuss the love interests of Rudolf (127-130)

5. Discuss Rudolf’s double suicide and the events that led to it and afterwards(215-264)

6. Discuss the foresights of Rudolf, including, the political tensions that led to WWI and could he have made a difference, if he lived.(15, 34-39, 54 . . )


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